Anison Premium - 2019.10.06

program Anison Premium
air date 2019.10.06
channel NHK
host Shimono Hiro
Takayanagi Tomoyo ()
guest Tadokoro Azusa
song performance Ishihara Kaori (иƿ)

This was the 10/6 broadcast of Anison Premium. The hosts of this broadcast were Shimono Hiro and Takayanagi Tomoyo.

The one of the guests was Tadokoro Azusa.

In the opening anison medley, Ishihara Kaori sang "Tempest". Then the group KiRaRe sang "Don't Think Smile", and Machico sang "1 Milli Symphony".

After a talk session with the hosts, Azusa sang "Rivals" and "Junshin Always".

There was also a video report on the Cinderella Girls 7th Live.

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