VS Arashi - 2020.02.06

program VS Arashi
air date 2020.02.06
seiyuu Uchida Maaya (Ŀ)

This is a variety show by the idol group Arashi, where they battle in some games against a guest team.

The guest team for this broadcast was some cast members from the live action movie "Otaku ni Koi ha Muzukashii", and one of the members was Uchida Maaya. Since there were 6 guests for this movie, Maaya didn't do that much, or get much screen time during this show.

There was one part where they asked Maaya what kind of otaku she was, and she said "baseball otaku". Maaya was a big fan of the Softbank Hawks, and they showed a picture of her with many Hawks caps. She said she often goes to Fukuoka just to watch a baseball game.

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