Anison Premium - 2020.03.22

program Anison Premium
air date 2020.03.22
channel NHK
host Terashima Takuma
Uchida Shuu
guests Chihara Minori (Τ)
song performance Itou Miku (ƣ)

The guests for the 3/22 broadcast of Anison Premium were Itou Miku and Chihara Minori. The hosts of this broadcast were Terashima Takuma and Uchida Shuu.

During the opening, Itou Miku sang "Plunderer" and the group AOP sang "Freedom de Muda ni Muteki!"

The in studio guest was Chihara Minori. After a short talk session, Minori sang "Terminated" and "Yuki, Muon, Madobenite".

Then Terashima Takuma sang two songs, "Nameless Story" and "Unbreakable".

During the ending credits, there was a short interview of Miku. She said, "This was my first song program, and I was very nervous."

The next broadcast of Anison Premium will be on 5/10.

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