Anison Premium - 2020.05.24

program Anison Premium
air date 2020.05.24
channel NHK
host Okamoto Nobuhiko
Takayanagi Tomoyo ()
guests Shimono Hiro
video message Itou Miku (ƣ)
Yasuno Kiyono (ǵ)
video appearance Kamiya Hiroshi (ë)

The guest for the 5/24 broadcast of Anison Premium was Shimono Hiro. The hosts of this broadcast were Okamoto Nobuhiko and Takayanagi Tomoyo, and this was a remotely recorded broadcast.

Hiro was also in a remote location, so their talk was with a split screen. Hiro said he has been doing seiyuu work for 20 years. His first major work was "Rahxephon" in 2002. He was considering quitting if he didnt get that role.

They showed a promo video of Hiro's song "We Go -On Your Mark-", which was shot in London. Then they also showed some clips of Nobuhiko's live stage performance. Kamiya Hiroshi appeared as a guest.

There was a video message by Itou Miku, for her new single "Kokou no Hikari Lonely Dark" which was the opening song for the TV anime Plunderer.

There was also a video message by Yasuno Kiyono for her single "Hare Moyou", the ending song for the TV anime "Arute".

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