News Caster - 2021.02.06

program Shin Jouhou 7 Days News Caster
air date 2021.02.06
seiyuu Mitsuishi Kotono (»°ΐΠΆΧΗ΅)

Shin Jouhou 7 Days News Caster is a weekly news program on TBS every Saturday. On the 2/6 broadcast, at around the one hour mark, there was a 4 minute segment on the "legend" seiyuu, Mitsuishi Kotono.

There was an interview of Kotono in a recording studio.

Before she became a seiyuu, Kotono was working in the environmental section of the Tokyo government as an announcer doing enviromental warnings and messages. She was going to seiyuu school during the evenings.

The turning point in her life was Sailor Moon. Then she showed her actual script of Sailor Moon episode 1.

At the end she did voice of Misato from Evangelion. Since she said she doesn't show her face when she does this voice, she turned around in her chair and said her famous, "Service Service."

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