Music Japan - 2011.04.02

Program Music Japan
Air Date 2011.04.02
Time 23:40 - 24:55
Appearances Mizuki Nana (ࡹ)

The April 2, 2011 broadcast of Music Japan was a special about spring. This special was over one hour (usually it's 30 minutes). There were many guests (AKB, SKE, Perfume, many others), and Mizuki Nana was one of them. Nana wore a yellow, frilly one piece.

At the beginning the performers sang a medley of old jpop songs (which have something to do with spring). In this medley, Nana sang "Akai Sweet Pea". She sang just the first verse.

Then all of the guests sang "Tabidachi no Hini", and Nana took part in this song too. Nana stood in the front row, in the middle.

Then there was a solo section by all of the guests. Before Mizuki Nana's solo section, she talked about how she came to Tokyo by herself to become a singer. That was also in the spring. Nana sang "New Sensation".

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