Music Jump - 1998.04.05

Air Date/Time 1998.04.05, 18:00 - 19:00
Guest Sakurai Tomo ()
Song Dance Dance Dance
  • Information by Johann Chua, 1998.08.26

Tomo Sakurai was wearing a party dress with red satin sleeveless blouse, matching elbow-length gloves and her skirt had a white-on-red polka dot layer split in front on top of white and netted layers. She had her hair done up, wore cherry-shaped earrings and a red beaded necklace.

The lights were turned down as a few trumpet blasts started off Dance Dance Dance, as Tomo (in the middle, with the spotlight on her) and six girls danced along with the beat on stairs at the stage's rear. The girls made their way down (swaying their skirts along the way) the sides of the central aisle, were joined by a few guys (all of the dancers were wearing 1950s-style outfits), and then they proceeded to pair off.
The background dancers were from the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan.

Tomo walked down the aisle towards an old style microphone in center stage and started singing. She sang in a low sensual tone, cradling the mike as she did so. The dancing got very lively with the guys flipping their partners and such. Towards the end, Tomo stepped back up the stairs and one guy spun around while a girl was on his shoulders and another girl held onto her feet.

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