Music Jump

Station NHK BS-2
When Sunday, 18:00 - 19:00

Music Jump is a music program on the NHK satelite channel. It is for popular groups and idols, but occasionally some seiyuu appear and perform songs on it.

Some of the seiyuu appearances are as follows.

date guest
1997.04.06 Sakurai Tomo
1997.07.20 Sakurai Tomo
1997.09.14 Sakurai Tomo
1998.02.01 Sakurai Tomo, Kouda Mariko, Iwao Junko
1998.02.22 Kouda Mariko
1998.04.05 Sakurai Tomo
1998.04.12 Sakurai Tomo
1998.06.14 Kouda Mariko
1998.07.05 Sakurai Tomo
1998.07.29 Sakurai Tomo
1998.11.08 Sakurai Tomo

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