Say You Club - 1995.10.19

Title Say You Club broadcast 3
Date 1995.10.19
Guest Shiratori Yuri (白鳥由里)

Shiratori Yuri was wearing a light brown tutle neck sweater, a checkered jacket, a checkered skirt (very short), dark blue wool hat, and long black socks (up to the knees). Very cute!

Since Yuri used to be a pitcher on the softball team, she showed her throwing motion.

Also Yuri sang! The song was Atarashii Kutsu (あたらしいくつ), which is her new single, which goes on sale 11/01.

Yuri's second album Caramel Pop is coming out soon (11/01). Yuri talked a little bit about the album.

  • It took about one year to make.
  • Yuri wrote some lyrics.
  • The album was arranged on a computer.
    Yuri says, "I like computers."

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