Say You Club - 1996.01.18

Title Say You Club broadcast 18
Date 2019.01.18
Guest Kusachi Fumie (草地章江)

Kusachi Fumie was wearing.. [I forgot ^_^;]. Very pretty either way.

They showed some clips of the Hummingbird Final concert (probably off of the LD). They showed Rainbow Forces.

Some of Fumie's comments.

  • Hekiru and Fumie both debut with Hummingbird. Both of them had to go to the recording studio early for extra rehearsals. But Hekiru was very good even if it was her first time, since she had done this in school. But Fumie (she was a singer before becoming a seiyuu) had no experience at all. So Fumie learned a lot of things from Hekiru.
  • Fumie is currently doing a radio show. "Once you get used to it, it's fun."
  • Fumie will have a new single coming out Shiranai (知らない).
Then Fumie sang Shiranai.

They started a new corner where the Piipers will go check up on some rumours about seiyuu. The first rumour that they checked was, "If Inoue Kikuko started laughing she wouldn't stop for 2 hours, even if it was during the real recording." Three members of the Piipers went to Bunka Housou to interview Doi Takeshi (the script writer of the show) and Otakki Sasaki (the director of the show). Doi said that Kikuko laughs all the time, and Sasaki said that there was a time when Kikuko laughed for 30 minutes during the automatic story teller corner.

The second rumor that they checked was, "Iwanaga Tetsuya buys 1 chou-cream every day." Three different members of the Piipers followed Tetsuya after work. Tetsuya went to two convenience stores, and then a bread store. At the bread store, he bought a chou-cream. They interviewed him, and he admitted that he bought one every day.

The final comments by Kusachi Fumie were, "Maybe I'll have a concert in the future. I'll try to do more voice work too."

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