Say You Club - 1996.02.22

Title Say You Club broadcast 21
Date 1996.02.22
Guest Sakurai Tomo ()
  • Summary by Sebec Corporation, 2002.07.29

The show opens with Kotono Mitsuishi on the Say You Club stage, in the process of being abducted by three ruffians. Kouichi Yamadera literally jumps in and fights off the thugs and saves Kotono. She is thankful and asks his name, but chuckles at him once Kouichi says it (not using his normal voice). Say You Club's opening theme, "akire kaeru hodo" performed by Kotono Mitsuishi then plays.

The usual introduction begins with Kouichi and Kotono introducing themselves, the Pi-pers, and the assistants. They then introduce the day's seiyuu guest, Tomo Sakurai, who is shown reading a newspaper upside down and wearing a big black coat. She turns the paper over, smiles, sticks out her tongue, and bows. Then a commercial break plays.

On return from commercial, Tomo Sakurai appears in a stage type setting, with a pink and white chessboard floor. She wears stage attire, a gold colored mini-skirt and midriff, and performs the song, "ACTRESS". There are two dancers in the background. The song is not played in its entirety, as the second verse is left out.

Tomo Sakurai then joins Kouichi Yamadera and Kotono Mitsuishi at their table for some talk. Kouichi then proceeds to a segment called, "Tomo-chan no koto wo shiritai shiritai Yamadera Kouichi no 10 QUESTIONS!!" He asks Tomo 10 questions, to which she answered all but the last. Some of those questions (and even less of those answers are):

Kouichi: What do you usually do on holidays?
Tomo: Running.

Kouichi: What is the most pleasant thing in life?
Tomo: Massages (said in a sexy voice).

Kouichi: What place do you like best on your body?
Tomo: My non-existent breasts.

Kouichi: What types of dance do you like?

Kouichi: Are you in love with someone right now?
Tomo: Yes.

The last question was:
Kouichi: Would you go on a date with me?
This caused everyone to laugh.

They then talked some more before Tomo left.

The next segment involved one of Pi-pers at an audition/recording for an OVA, then another commercial break. After this, Kotono read a post card, and Kotono and Kouichi talked some more before the closing theme, "mirai" by RuRuRu played, a final commercial break and the ending of the show.

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