Shibuya de Chu broadcast 2

Air Date/Time
1997.04.11, 26:25-26:55
Kusachi Fumie (ϾϹ)
Virtual Date
Nagasawa Miki (Ĺ)
Shiranai (Kusachi Fumie)
Kagayaki no Kisetsu (Tamura Yukari)
Yuuki wo Dashite (Katsuragi Ayane - Kikuchi Shiho)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.04.12

Guest talk corner

Fumie and the three regulars sat down and talked.

Some of the topics that Fumie talked about were:

  • first kiss: Fumie's first kiss was with a girl. It was done in fun, and not very serious..
  • day off: On days off, Fumie either sleeps of plays games.
  • games: Fumie plays mahjong games (the kind you try to get the girls to take off their clothes), because she did one of the voices in it, and she wants to hear her own voice.
  • trip: Fumie went to Bali by herself. She said it wasn't that fun.
  • persimmon tree: Fumie planted a persimmon seed (after she ate the fruit), and it started growing. Many people didn't believe her, so she brought the plant to the studio and showed it off.

Then they showed a clip of Fumie cooking. She went to the super market to buy some meat and eggs. She cooked in a kitchen, and made an omlette with meat and onions inside.

Virtual Date

The virtual date had Nagasawa Miki talking to the screen (as if the screen was a person), and a message appeared on the screen (color coded, just like the lyrics at karaoke), so the viewer can pretend that he is on a date with Miki.

Miki took a picture at a print club. The guy (the viewer) didn't want to take a picture with her, because it's so embarrassing to do print club..


Kusachi Fumie sang Shiranai (Τʤ).

[Fumie sang this twice during the recording, because she made a mistake the first time.]

Information corner

There was information (video clips) about Shin Tenchi Muyou (TV), Maze (TV), Pocket Monster (TV), Evangelion Death and Rebirth (movie), and a couple live action movies.

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