Shibuya de Chu broadcast 4

Air Date/Time
1997.04.25, 26:25-26:55
Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
Virtual Date
Nagasawa Miki (Ĺ)
Kagayaki no Kisetsu (Tamura Yukari)
Yuuki wo Dashite (Katsuragi Ayane - Kikuchi Shiho)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.04.28

Guest talk corner

The guest was Hikami Kyoko, and in the opening when she came out, Haruna went to her and hugged her. he Jarism emcees said that Kyoko and Haruna were even holding hands in the dressing room. Since Kyoko and Haruna were staring at each other, the emcee said, "Stop staring at each other!"

Kyoko was wearing a long, blue one piece dress with darker colored roses on it. Haruna was wearing a blue one piece, about knee length.

Some of the topics that Kyoko talked about were:

  • nicknames: Kyoko's nickname was "Kyo-chan". Haruna's nickname was "Nana".
  • kansai-ben: Since the two Jarism guys talked in Kansai-ben, Kyoko started talking in Kansai-ben. Then Haruna felt all alone because she couldn't speak it. Haruna asked if it was all right for her to speak in Thai..
  • seiyuu school: Kyoko came to Tokyo because she wanted to become a seiyuu. She went to seiyuu school for two years.
  • first work: Kyoko's first seiyuu work was in the movie Mannequin 2. She did the role of an unnamed female character. They also asked her to do some breathing sounds (on the spot), but Kyoko was so nervous that she couldn't do it.
  • sitting with hands under her legs: The emcee noticed that Kyoko was sitting with her hands tucked underneath her legs.
  • drawing: Kyoko likes to draw.
  • pro-wrestling: Kyoko likes pro-wrestling. She likes Inoue Kyoko and Inoue Takako. She had never gone to a pro-wrestling match, but she did meet Jushin "Thunder" Liger before. Kyoko (and the other Wedding Peach girls) had an event, at the Tokyo Toy Show in 1995. Liger was in the next dressing room, so Kyoko went to get an autograph from him. She didn't have anything for him to write on, except for an old bag and some tissue paper. So she had him write on the bag. At that time, Kyoko was dressed in a wedding dress, and Liger had his mask on. Kyoko brought the bag and showed the crowd.
    [I saw Kyoko on that day too! - H.Doi]
There was a video clip of Kyoko sitting on a park bench, and drawing a sketch of the scenery. (Kyoko was wearing a purple, short sleeve T-shirt.

Virtual Date

The virtual date had Nagasawa Miki talking to the screen (as if the screen was a person), and a message appeared on the screen (color coded, just like the lyrics at karaoke), so the viewer can pretend that he is on a date with Miki.

Miki and the "viewer" were at a restaurant. Miki couldn't decide what to order.. After that, Miki and the viewer were walking through a park. At the end, the viewer asked, "Will you go out with me again?" Miki answered that she would. Just as Miki ran off, she gave the viewer the print club stickers that she had taken.

Information corner

There was information (video clips) about several live action movies.


At the end, Kyoko read a "happy birthday" message to one of the fans.

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