Shibuya de Chu - 1998.03.13

Taiyou to Tsuki wo Dakishimete (Ikezawa Haruna)

This was a special broadcast of Haruna and Jarism in Guam (part 1).

The two of Jarism flew over the previous day, in coach class. Haruna flew on the overnight flight (looked like first class), and arrived in the morning. Then Yamashita of Jarism drove the car, and they went around Guam. Since Yamashita wasn't used to driving on the right side of the road, it was very dangerous. He almost turned into the wrong lane.

Haruna and Jarism went to a supermarket.

Then they went to a gun shooting club, and had a shooting contest. They each shot 36 shots, and the results were (max 360 points):

67 points Yamashita
249 points Haruna
272 points Watanabe

Then there was a video clip of Haruna's song Taiyou to Tsuki wo Dakishimete. The images were of Haruna on the beach.

[to be continued next week]

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