Shibuya de Chu - 1998.03.20


This was a special broadcast of Haruna and Jarism in Guam (part 2).

In the morning (very early), the Jarism guys snuck into Haruna's room, and they tried to video her at the moment she wakes up.. But, Haruna was already awake!

Meanwhile, Omimura Mayuko was in Japan, and she was heading for Guam by herself (with a video camera, taping herself).

Haruna was going to sky dive, and was dressed up in the sky diving outfit. They said that it was her first sky dive.. but then Haruna said that she had done it before. So they quickly changed it to Yamashita. They grabbed a very scared Yamashita, and put him into the sky diving outfit. They even said they were going to give him some "service", and have him jump out of 4000 meters (much higher than usual).

Meanwhile, Mayuko was in the plane.

Haruna and Watanabe were waiting at the landing spot, and Haruna said that she actually hadn't done sky diving before. So Yamashita had been set up..

Then Yamashita jumped.. but he didn't jump alone. One of the pros was "attached" to his back, and they jumped together.

Meanwhile, Mayuko arrived in Guam. Haruna and the others went to the airport to pick her up.

That night, they all ate dinner together. Mayuko said that it was the first time that all four of them ate together. Then Mayuko gave a bouquet to Haruna.

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