Shibuya de Chu - 1998.04.03

Iwata Mitsuo (ĸ)
Matsui Naoko (ں)
Kakazu Yumi
Natsuki Rio (Ƽꥪ)

This broadcast was a collection of "unaired" video clips, from the previous several weeks. They showed clips of Iwata Mitsuo, Matsui Naoko, Kakazu Yumi, Natsuki Rio, and Iwata Mitsuo.

The last part with Mitsuo was pretty "dangerous". (^_^;) He talked about the time when he was sitting in the toilet, and smoking, and having the ashes fall between his legs.. It didn't fall all the way into the toilet as he wanted.. (Mitsuo was using hand motions while talking.) Haruna tried to crawl away while the guys talked..

They also showed some clips of Haruna, Mayuko, and the Jarism's trip to Guam. They went deep sea fishing on a boat. Haruna spoke a little English to the guide. Haruna also caught the most fish.

They showed some clips of the Dinagiga seiyuu audition. There were 11 finalists invited to the Shibuya Kouen Doori Gekijou, and three were chosen.
One of the contestants who wasn't chosen was Shimizu Yukimi (who currently goes under the name Tokunaga Ai).

They went back to clips of Guam, where Haruna was cutting up the fish that they caught into sashimi.

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