Vanny Knights

Vanny Knights is a live action magical girl type story. It has cute girls, slightly sexy scenes, transformation scenes, and short skirted girls fighting monsters.

The Vanny Knights wear a white outfit with black trim, and a helmet-like mask. The helmet has two long ponytails on the back (sort of like Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon).

Alies has a red mask, and uses a thin, spear-like sword. Rabiel has a purple mask, and uses two short swords. Lahamiel has a black mask, and uses a large, long sword.

There is no OP song. The ED song is Question at Me by Hayashibara Megumi (Ӹᤰ).

The episodes were as follows

episode date title
1 1999.04.02  
2 1999.04.09 ?
3 1999.04.16 Amour Gore
4 1999.04.23 Ex Calibur
5 1999.04.30  
9   Amano Kyousei
10   Lestatos Tvai
11   Fujita Kazuyuki
12 1999.07.09 Kimijima Seria
13 1999.07.16  
14 1999.07.23 Lestatos Dry
15 1999.08.06 Alice, Alice
16 1999.08.13 Fujita Manami
17 1999.08.20 Lestatos Quatro
18 1999.09.03 Vanny Trinity
19 1999.09.10 Millenium Arest
20 1999.09.17 Watashi dake no Arest

I missed episodes 1 and 4. (;_;)

[Alice] [Airi] [Akira]

The characters/cast is as follows

Alice (Alies) Kuribayashi Mie
Akira (Lahamiel) Mashiko Rie
Airi (Rabiel) Nagai Runa
Fujita Kazuyuki Watanabe Keiji
Fujita Manami Yamakawa Erika
Alice in game [voice] Kimijima Seria (Horie Yui)
Lestatos Tvai Ohkawa Hiroki
Donnar Zoma [ep 2]  
Feuar Zoma [ep 2]  
Vassar Zoma [ep 3]  
Inoshita Takeshi Amano Hironari
Tatsunami Yuko Takahashi Rika

[Vanny Knights]

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