Vanny Knights episode 2

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Aired 1999.04.09
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.04.15

Kazuyuki had a nightmare. A moster appeared and was attacking him. When he woke up, Kazuyuki rushed around house. In the kitchen, there was a girl with a pink shirt and red skirt, wearing an apron (Alice). There was a girl in a high school uniform sitting in the toilet (Airi). (Kazuyuki opened the door.) In another room, another girl was just wearing a towel (Akira). When the girl stood up, the towel fell to the ground, and Kazuyuki fainted with a bloody nose. Then another girl who was wearing pajamas came into the room (Manami).

[OP screen]
Variable Nymphet Knights
Vanny Knights

Kazuyuki recovered and couldn't believe that the girls were there. Since Alice couldn't cook well, Kazuyuki cooked for the girls. But he said that he wanted an explanation for this. He wanted to know what that monster was. What are the Vanny Knights?

Then the girls asked Kazuyuki to take his pants off. He didn't, so the girls pulled down his pants. Alice looked down and said, "Cute." Then the other girls turned him around. There was a mark of a sword on his rear.

The girls asked if anything unusual happened to him seven years ago. Kazuyuki recalled that a thunder came out of the sky (even though it was a clear day) and hit him. He was a high school student at that time. He said that it was 15:00 on July 7, 1992. He didn't know that the mark was on his rear until now.

The girls said that something happened to them too. Airi found a little saver when she was playing in the river. Akira found the saver in an antique shop. Alice got it on her 10th birthday from her mother.

They said that it was the duty of the Vanny Knights to protect the legendary warrior Arest Horn, who had the millenium saver, from Amour Gore, who wanted the saver to take over the universe. The millenium saver was still inside Kazuyuki's body.

Alice and others have a mark of a rabbit on their bodies. Kazuyuki said that he wanted to see it, but Alice slapped him, calling him ecchi.

[CM break]

There were guys all over Japan playing a Dreamcast game, a gal game.. The heroine of the game was saying that she wanted the player to be her hero Arest Horn.

A woman (creator of the game?) was at a computer, looking at the map of the world. She was successfully taking over the world, but there was a mark in an area of Tokyo.

Kazuyuki and Alice were walking in town. Alice went to look at clothes, and Kazuyuki saw an advertisement for a model store..

Kazuyuki went off to the the model store alone. He was drooling over figures. Then the store keeper took him to the back of the store to show him a rare life sized figure of Alice (a character in a game).

Kazuyuki followed the guy through a dark hall. They came to a large deserted room. Then the guy turned around, and turned into a monster.

The girls all sensed that Kazuyuki was in danger.

The monster was attacking Kazuyuki, as it wanted the millenium saver. It had Kazuyuki cornered against a wall.

Then Alice came. The monster fired some fireballs at Alice.

Alice transformed into a Vanny Knight, "Knight up!"
[The transformation sequence is special effects, with the battle costume forming over the girl's naked bodies. Of course you can't see the naked parts..]

Alies Vanny had a long sword. She fought against the monster, in a close hand to hand combat. She threw in a lot of kicks too.
[kicks = panty shots]

But the monster was too strong and knocked the sword away. Alies Vanny was on the ground, and the monster attacked her with his fire laser.

Then Kazuyuki attacked monster, but the monster tossed him aside easily.

Then the other two girls came, and transformed. "Knight up!"

Lahamiel Vanny had a long sword, and Rabiel Vanny had two short swords. The three girls fought together. They created a fireball (shaped like the head of a rabbit), and fired it at the monster. Then they used a combination attack to destroy the monster.

Later, Kazuyuki was sitting by himself. Alice came and talked to him. She said that everyone was hungry (meaning they wanted Kazuyuki to come home and cook for them). Kazuyuki still didn't like the idea of living with the girls, but he eventually went home with Alice and the others.

[Vanny Knights]

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