Vanny Knights episode 3

Title Amour Gore
Aired 1999.04.16
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.04.21

Kazuyuki made dinner for all the girls. When he entered the room, he saw all the girls showing lot of leg, and he just stood and stared for a while. Alice and Akira were playing a Dreamcast racing game, and Airi was reading a book.

During dinner, they got a call from their parents. Manami was going to tell them about the three girls living in their house, but Kazuyuki took the phone and said that everything was going well, without any problems.

Later that evening, Kazuyuki was playing an Internet based game on his iMac. (The game had a rabbit eared heroine named Alice..) Kazuyuki got caught up in it, and didn't notice that the girls had come into his room, and were looking over his shoulder. He was imagining the "perfect" girl, and Akira said that such a girl didn't exist.

Then Alice asked, "Is this what is called otaku?"

Meanwhile, the bad guys (two women) were saying that everything was going well, except for getting the millenium saver.

[OP screen]
Variable Nymphet Knights
Vanny Knights

The next morning Manami and Airi went off to school. Akira went to work (?).

Kazuyuki and Alice were at home. Kazuyuki was washing the girls' panties. He was able to tell which panties belonged to which girl.. Then Alice came and said that she would do the laundry.

Kazuyuki was just sitting at home. Alice was cleaning the house. Kazuyuki said that he got "restructured" (laid off from work).

Alice told him that he should go find work. She said she would work with him, so she can protect him.

Kazuyuki and Alice found a job at a restaurant. Kazuyuki was a dish washer, and Alice was a waitress. Alice's outfit was very cute, with a pink vest, white frilly shirt, pink fluffy skirt (fairly short), and pink and white frilly head piece.
[Cuter outfit than Anna Millers..]

There was a middle aged man sitting at a table, just drinking coffee. The manager of the restaurant said that he was "restructured" worker, and had no place to go. The man's name was Mr. Uchimura, and Kazuyuki pitied him, as they were both "restructured" workers..

That evening, Airi was walking home and heard some footsteps following her. She turned around, but there was nobody. Then she ran up the stairs, and bumped into Akira. Then they met Alice and Kazuyuki.

Akira: Where were you?
Alice: We were doing it.
Akira, Airi: What!?
Alice: A part time job.

Kazuyuki warned Alice about the way she chose her words..

[CM break]

Uchimura went for an interview. It was the office of the bad guys. The woman took Uchimura to a strange dimension, and they did something to him behind closed doors.

The next day, Alice and Kazuyuki were working at the restaurant. Uchimura was there too. He was shaking, and drinking lots of water.

At lunch time, Kazuyuki got a bento and went to eat in the back office. A water puddle formed on the floor, and a monster started to appear. But Alice came (to eat with Kazuyuki), so the monster disappeared.

Meanwhile Uchimura was sweating like a water fountain.

Kazuyuki went to the toilet. When he sat down, water shot out at him from the toilet. Kazuyuki rushed out, and Alice quickly came to him. Alice wanted to see what was happening, but Kazuyuki pulled up his pants in a hurry.

Then Uchimura ran out of the restaurant, claiming that he was a failure. Kazuyuki went after him, making the restaurant manager angry.

[CM break]

Uchimura ran to a temple. Kazuyuki was following him. Alice was running after Kazuyuki too.

Alice finally reached them. She said that Uchimura must be a zoma (one of the monsters), but Kazuyuki didn't believe it. Then Uchimura attacked Alice. He knocked her little saver away. Uchimura started strangling Alice. They fought, but Uchimura was too strong. He picked her up by her neck, choking her in the air.

Meanwhile, Airi and Akira felt it and rushed toward the scene.

Uchimura turned into a monster (a water based monster). Airi and Akira also arrived.

The monster sprayed hot water on the girls, knocking them all down. Kazuyuki attacked the monster. Then Alice picked up her saver, and all three girls transformed.

"Knight up!"

The Vanny Knights fought the zoma. They used the "bunny dream" (?) attack, creating the rabbit head shaped fireball. Then they used the bunny explosion attack, and Alies stabbed the zoma with her sword.

That night Kazuyuki was playing the internet game on his iMac.
[There was a To Heart poster on his wall!]

Kazuyuki was disappointed because he lost his job again. Alice had quit the job too, because she wanted to be with him. Kazuyuki wondered if he really was the legendary warrior. Aliced said she believed in him.

[Vanny Knights]

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