Voicelugger DVD volume 3

Voicelugger DVD volume 3
Panasonic Digital Contents BBBS-1110
DVD, 4:3, Region 2, Dolby Digital, 1 side 1 layer, 55 min.
5800 Yen
released 1999.06.25

Track List

  1. Episode 5 "Adeyakana Akuma, Sono namae ha Airashurain"
  2. Episode 6 "Aiyueni, Zagarausu"
  3. Insert Song "VoiceLugger Action" by Mizuki Ichirou
  4. Insert Song "VoiceLugger Action" by Mizuki Ichirou : Karaoke version
  5. Insert Song "Yumeharukanari, Ware otome" by Nakagawa Akiko/Ikezawa Haruna
  6. Insert Song "Yumeharukanari, Ware otome" by Nakagawa Akiko/Ikezawa Haruna : Karaoke version
  7. The Making of VoiceLugger Part 3
[information provided by CuSO4]

This DVD comes with a big black plastic case (around B5 size). The cover is Seki Tomokazu wearing the VoiceLugger Emerald uniform without the helmet. The DVD is a picture disk with Seki Tomokazu with his signature printed on the picture. The design of the case is that you can spin the disk while it is still fastened.

Also inside the box is a pamphlet, containing message from the chief director Hirayama Tooru, comments from Akiko/Haruna/Seki/ Kusao on episodes 5 and 6, track list, and the lyrics of the insert songs.

There is also a coupon for this DVD. After you collect all 6 coupons in the 6 DVDs for VoiceLugger, you can enter a draw for the outfit wore by Akiko/Haruna during the shooting. Sadly, they are not the uniform they wear, but street clothes. Akiko's is a brown blouse (same as the picture disk's) and dark stripe skirt; Haruna's is a red pullover and black skirt.

Tha Making of VoiceLugger Part 3 includes clips of the shooting, the stuntman in work, and comments from the main casts. During episode 6, the fish seller is Hirayama Tooru himself, the chief director of this series.

Watch out for the next episodes, most of the main actor of sentai series and the masked riders will appear !


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