Voicelugger episode 1

Atashi ga Hero
  • Summary version 0.5 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.01.14
The show opens with Voicelugger Gold facing off against a bad guy. The bad guy (Genbar) wants to revive Hades, to control the universe. He is using four little kids (two girls and two boys) from "Voice Land" to power the revival of Hades.

Then one of the little girls hears (inside her) the cries for help from Voicelugger Gold. She wakes up and stops herself from being used. Then one by one the other kids wake up too. So Hades wasn't revived. Then Voicelugger Gold sent the kids to earth to live normal lives until they will be needed as senshi.

[jump to the present]

Akiko was waiting at the airport for Haruka. Haruka came back from LA. Akiko also had her bags with her, as she left her home to live in Tokyo. Now both Akiko and Haruka had no place to stay. They went to a real estate agent, but they couldn't get an apartment as they didn't have any job or family.

When Akiko and Haruka were in the park, they got into a fight, because Akiko was so much of a sentai, hero otaku. She kept saying that she (actually they) were heroes, because of the reoccurring dream that she had.

Haruka went off, but a pervert (who had been trailing her from the airport) came, and tried to molest her. The pervert covered Haruka's mouth, and took her to a building. But the pervert loosened his grip on Haruka's mouth, and Haruka screamed.

Meanwhile, Akiko "felt" that Haruka was in trouble. She ran to find Haruka.

Haruka's scream vibrated a lot, and the pervert lost his balance. Then Akiko came, and tried to protect Haruka. She went to the pervert and punched him, knocking him down. Then the pervert ran away.

Then an older woman came up to the girls, and said that she had a job for them. This woman was a president of a seiyuu production, and she needed some voices for a CM that day. She heard the screams by Haruka and knew that she would be able to do the job.

Akiko and Haruka went to the seiyuu studio, and they did the voices of screaming girls in a roller coaster.

That evening, Akiko and Haruka were very tired, so the president let them sleep over at her place.

But in the middle of the night, Akiko "heard" some cries for help by some unknown girl. Akiko got up and rushed out. She didn't know why she was able to hear, or why she knew which direction to run. But Akiko reached the empty building where the pervert was trying to molest a young girl.

Akiko helped the girl get away, but now the pervert was going after Akiko. The pervert was much stronger now than he was during the day. Akiko's punch didn't stop him at all.

Just when Akiko was going to get molested, she screamed out. The powerful scream sent the pervert flying across the building. But the pervert got up, and Akiko noticed that half of his face was torn off. The pervert was actually a robot/android!

The robot went after Akiko. Then a lot of mysterious power built up inside Akiko, and she turned into Voicelugger Ruby!


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