Voicelugger episode 2

Bara yo Me wo Samase
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.02.14
Akiko had turned into Voicelugger Ruby, and was facing off against the alien. She beat him up and kicked him away. Then the alien said that they were waiting for Voicelugger to appear. He laughed and vanished.

But Ruby also laughed. Akiko was happy that she really was a hero.

Akiko went back, and woke up Haruka. She told her all about it, but Haruka just wanted to sleep.

Meanwhile, at Genbar's hideout. Gamma [Kamiya Akira] told Genbar that Voicelugger appeared. But instead of Gold, it was Ruby. Then Genbar said that the other kids with the voice stone might appear. Gamma told Buzama to go to Earth and get the voice stones.

The next day, Akiko and Haruka were shown their new "home". It was a karaoke room. Haruka was shocked, but Akiko was very happy, as she discovered a lot of sentai songs in the karaoke machine.

Akiko kept singing the songs, while Haruka tried to sleep.

Later, Akiko and Haruka were running in a park, as they had to get in shape for their seiyuu work. Akiko was feeling very happy (because she was a hero), so she was running well. Haruka couldn't keep up with her.

A funny creature was in the bushes and was watching the girls. Akiko stopped running, and felt someone looking at her. Then she saw the bushes move (but it wasn't the one with the creature). Akiko took off her shoe, and threw it into the bushes. Then a guy came wobbling out of the bushes.

Akiko had knocked the guy out with her shoe. After recovering, the guy [Seki Tomokazu] got very embarrassed, and ran away.

Later, Akiko and Haruka were in a seiyuu studio. This was their first after recording session. Haruka and Akiko didn't know what an "afureko" was. They were told to do the "gaya", but they didn't know what it was.

Then some seiyuu came into the studio. Takeshi [Kusao Takeshi] came in. Then some others came. Finally Tomokazu came in. The girls immediately recognized him.

The seiyuu did their voice work (some action anime). Then it was time for the "gaya" (extra voices). Akiko and Haruka went to mikes.

Everyone was told to do voices of people running away. Everyone, including Akiko and Haruka, screamed out and did the voices. While they were all doing the voices, Takeshi (who was standing next to Akiko) tried to pick up Akiko. He asked her out to bowling. But Akiko refused him.

Later that night, both Akiko and Haruka were tired from the seiyuu work. But Haruka said that she decided that she was going to become Tomokazu's girl friend.

They were in the karaoke room, and they heard a funny voice. It was the creature who was watching them from the bushes. The creature was named Myuu, and both the girls were shocked to see a "stuffed animal" talk.

But Myuu told them that he was the one who watched over them when they were kids, and came to this planet from Voiceland. Akiko believed him, and became friends with Myuu right away. But Haruka didn't want to believe it.

Later Haruka was walking outside by herself. She couldn't believe the story Akiko had told her. Then the stalker came. This time he was with Buzama. Haruka thought they were fooling around, but then the stalker transformed into the alien right in front of Haruka. They said that they were going to use Haruka as bait to get Voicelugger Ruby.

The aliens took Haruka to a warehouse. Haruka was surrounded by the underlings, while the stalker grabbed her.

Meanwhile, Akiko was in the karaoke room, and she "heard" Haruka's screams. She ran to the warehouse, and faced the aliens.

"Voicelugger!" Akiko cried out, and she transformed into Voicelugger Ruby.

Haruka hid and watched as Ruby fought. Ruby easily defeated the underlings, and also beat the stalker.

Ruby said, "I've been watching TV and experimenting for this."

Then Buzama came and fought Ruby. He was too strong for her. He said he wanted her voice stone. Buzama tossed Ruby around.

Myuu came, and told Haruka to transform and fight. But she said that she couldn't. Ruby kept getting beaten, as Buzama was too strong.

Then Haruka asked Myuu what she should do. Myuu said, "Your body should remember."

Then Haruka thought back, deep in her memories. She recalled Voicelugger Gold talking to her.

Then Haruka cried out, "Voicelugger!" and she transformed into Voicelugger Rose.

Rose came to Ruby's aid. Then Buzama told stalker to attack. The stalker attacked Rose, but Rose was way too strong for him. Rose told Ruby to stay out of it, as she wanted to beat him up herself, because he had touched her.

But Ruby said, "Let me beat him up too.."

Then Ruby and Rose used a combination "sonic wave" attack, and the stalker got disintegrated.

Then Buzama left.


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