Voicelugger episode 3

Unmei ga Hitotu ni naru Toki
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 1999.02.21
At Genbar's hideout, Gamma was upset at Buzama for not getting the voice stones. Genbar appeared and said that he would give Buzama one last chance.

Akiko went to the recording studio, while Haruka stayed at home.

Takeshi was also at the studio. He asked her to sit next to him, but Akiko didn't. After work, Takeshi asked Akiko out, but she refused him. He was very pushy, and kept asking and asking, but Akiko kept refusing him.

Meanwhile Haruka was at home feeling upset that it was Akiko who got to go to work.

When Harka went out by herself, Buzama appeared. He said that he would be able to defeat her if she was alone. Haruka was very scared, and couldn't transform into Voicelugger. Then Tomokazu came out of nowhere, and beat up Buzama, with some acrobatic moves. Then Tomokazu and Haruka ran away.

When Haruka got home, she told Akiko about it. Akiko was disappointed that Haruka didn't fight, and she was upset that she had to get help from a normal human. But Haruka was happy as she was in love with Tomokazu, and wanted him to come to her rescue all the time.

But Akiko was complaining about Takeshi being so pushy.

Buzama couldn't believe that he was beaten by a normal human. He wondered if he had gotten weaker by coming to earth.

[CM break]

That evening Akiko and Haruka went to do the laundry. Then on the way home, Buzama and his men were waiting for them. But Haruka wanted to escape. Akiko yelled at her and told her to fight.

Akiko and Haruka transformed, and started fighting. But there were too many of them. They used the sonic wave, but Buzama blocked it.

They kept fighting, but Buzama was too strong. Ruby got beaten up. Then Rose also got beaten up. Buzama said that he wouldn't kill them, as he only wanted their voice stones.

Then two more Voiceluggers appeared to rescue Ruby and Rose. It was Voicelugger Emerald and Voicelugger Sapphire. But Buzama was still too strong for them.

Then they all attacked Buzama, and used the sonic wave together. Buzama got disintegrated.

After the battle, Rose asked who Emerald and Sapphire were. Then Emerald and Sapphire transformed back (their mask disappeared). Tomokazu and Takeshi said that they knew that they were the Voicelugger all the time. So they trained their bodies, and voices by becoming seiyuu.

Haruka was very happy that Tomokazu was a Voicelugger. But Akiko didn't seem too happy about Takeshi.

Voicelugger Gold came, and watched them from a distance. But he was still injured, and had to leave the fighting to the other four.


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