Voicelugger episode 4

Android Pai no Komoriuta
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.05.31
Genbar was on his ship in the "phantom zone" (or wherever they are hiding). He asked Gemma why it was taking so long to harvest the voice crystals. Gamma appeared very apologetic and afraid of Genbar. But they had a plan to get them from the Voicelugger team.

Akiko and Haruka got a chance to be in another show.

Later, Akiko was with Takeshi in an aquarium apparently on a semi-date. Akiko was talking about what it was like to be Voicelugger and to be a hero. I think that she said it was very exciting.

Suddenly, Akiko got a psychic message from Voicelugger Gold. She closed her eyes. In her mind, she could see Gold, who was still badly injured, give her a warning. He mentioned that the bad guys were coming to harvest something from them.

Takeshi during this time thought that Akiko wanted him to kiss her as she had her eyes closed. Takeshi leaned in close with puckered lips. Akiko snapped out of her reverie just in time and slapped Takeshi. Takeshi looked pretty confused by all of this. (This was pretty funny).

Akiko must have been very upset as they ended the date shortly after that. Takeshi kept waving to Akiko, but Akiko never turned around or waved back. He looked a bit dejected.

Akiko walked back home and realized that there was something happening as the staff was standing around staring at something. It turned out that a robot named Android Pai was cooking dinner in the bar's kitchen area.

Akiko and Haruka were sitting around the dinner table confused. Somehow this robot appeared, knew all of their names (even their secret identities), and asked to become their faithful servant. The two girls were wondering if they could trust her.

Eventually Akiko got too hungry and began shoveling the food that Pai had cooked into her mouth. Haruka was shocked as they hadn't figured out if Pai was legit or not. But Haruka couldn't stand watching Akiko eating all the food so she began stuffing herself as well. By this they assumed that Android Pai was a good person after all.

Later, after the girls went to sleep, Pai went outside and called up Gemma on her communicator (a rice ladle). It appeared that the plan was working well.

The next day, Akiko and Haruka went to a recording party and brought Pai with them. Not too many people seemed overly surprised by this robot. Akiko found a person that looked just like Voicelugger Gold. Akiko called him "Gold", but the guy didn't know who or what she meant. Akiko quickly apologized and left.

Later that day, the two girls were in the recording studio for their show. Everybody was standing outside watching them, including Android Pai. Suddenly, some of Genbar's goons appeared and quickly pushed everybody outside the recording studio away. They grabbed Pai and showed the seiyuu inside the booth (a bit too obvious, I think) that they were kidnapping her.

Akiko and Haruka quickly ran after them. Akiko was chasing them in the drainage ditch where the goons were running (while holding Pai over their heads). The two girls fought without transforming and eventually the kidnappers ran away.

That night, Akiko got sick because she had been running around in the cold water. Android Pai wanted to know why did they do it. Haruka suggested that everybody should go to sleep. Akiko said that she didn't mind doing it because they were all friends. Haruka pretended to sleep during this time.

Pai reported again to Gemma on her communicator. She sounded like she didn't want to finish the mission. But she quickly changed her mind and said that she would do it tonight.

Everybody went to sleep. Or at least, they pretended to sleep. Akiko had a dream where she remembered when she was a young girl and Pai was her friend. Akiko woke up just as she saw Android Pai coming at her.

Some time later Myuu came home. He noticed that nobody was there. Android Pai had left a message on their video player saying that she had captured Ruby. Myuu ran off to the recording studio where Takeshi and Tomokazu were working. Myuu told them to come quickly.

Android Pai was seen in some tunnel with Akiko trapped in a force field. Pai had already taken Akiko's voice crystal. Haruka was there and had transformed into Voicelugger Rose and was telling her to let her go. Then Voicelugger Emerald and Sapphire appeared and the three all challenged Pai. But Pai threw lightning at them and threatened that she'd kill Akiko immediately if they got any closer.

Pai opened a gateway to the phantom zone and it began sucking Akiko into it.

The Voiceluggers yelled at Akiko to snap out of it. Akiko had another flashback when she was a little girl with Pai. Back then, Android Pai sang a lullaby to Akiko to help her sleep. Akiko began to croak out the song. She told Pai that only she could help her.

Pai told Gemma that she wasn't sure of this plan, and asked to let them go. But Gemma refused and warned her that there would be severe consequences if she disobeyed. Android Pai thought about it and then dropped Akiko's force field. Then she threw back her voice crystal and Akiko quickly transformed to Voicelugger Ruby. Gemma told Pai that he would have his revenge.

With the four Voiceluggers, they combined their powers and destroyed the gateway.

Afterwards, the five of them were walking home. They were happy to see that Android Pai was a good person after all and they were happy to make her part of the team. Just then a laser beam from far away came and tore off Android Pai's head. This was followed by a distant, evil laughter.


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