Voicelugger episode 6

Aiyueni, Zagarausu
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.07.26
Ira Shrine was sitting on her throne, being pampered by her robo-goons. In the background, a painting of a mouth moved its tongue as she sat there. For some reason, Zagarausu appeared and asked for help. But Ira just kicked him away.

Akiko was in a musical instrument store. Takeshi appeared but she ignored him. There was a microphone in the middle of the store, and Takeshi acted out his seiyuu routine. Akiko joined in and Takeshi was able to start a brief conversation with her. Akiko was very interested in looking at the banjos.

Meanwhile, Haruka and Tomokazu were in a recording studio and they were speaking the catch-phrases for a radio station. Afterwards, they walked to the bus stop. Haruka was talking to Tomokazu while they waited. Then Haruka leaned her head on his shoulder. Tomokazu nervously put his arm around her. When the bus left, Haruka waved goodbye to Tomokazu. However, Zagarausu was standing right behind her, waving goodbye as well. Then Haruka turned around and saw him...

You see Akiko and Takeshi standing by a bridge. Akiko was strumming her banjo that she had just bought (very stiffly, I might add). Just then Haruka appeared and looked really happy. Akiko and Takeshi were very shocked to see that Zagarausu was with her.

They all went to the restaurant. Akiko and Takeshi stared at Zagarausu in total confusion. Amazingly enough, none of the other patrons did this. In fact, the waitress seemed to not mind serving this mutant vegetable/mollusk person. Akiko asked if he was hungry, but Zagarausu said that he was okay. I don't think that any of them knew what he would have eaten anyway. There was some long discussion, but the gist is that Zagarausu wanted to become a good guy. He kept talking about his "idol oujousama" and how he wanted to be like her.

Myuu was hopping by the area (it looked more like a plastic figurine suspended by fishing line), and Takeshi asked it to come join them. Myuu, when it saw Zagarausu, freaked out very badly. From what I could tell, Myuu knew that he was an agent of Ira Shrine. Zagarausu said that she was the "idol oujousama". Everybody was very shocked. But the monster said that he wanted to become human and become good again (or be just like his "idol"... something like that).

Haruka concentrated and formed a telepathic link to Android Pai. Pai was actually shopping at a fish market at the time. Haruka said that they needed to talk to her. But the conversation was interrupted when the fishmonger asked if she wanted a certain fish (waving it in front of her face). Pai immediately said that she wanted one.

Later, Pai met all of them in the park. But Pai couldn't use her power to convert the monster into human form. She later when to some electronics shop and drew plans (or more accurately, crudely waved her hands over a photocopied piece of paper) for a device that would help her finish the job. The store owner said that it could be done. Everybody got excited. But the owner said that it would take a long time to get the parts.

While they were visiting a flower stand, Akiko gave the banjo that she had to Zagarausu as he expressed interest in it. They ended up in some underground train passageway. Zagarausu played the banjo and sang a happy song. I don't get why he was doing this, as he didn't have a bucket to collect coins or anything. But in any case, he sung pretty good for a mutant. Takeshi seemed pretty moved by it. Later, Zagarausu and him were in the recording studio. Takeshi had a guitar and provided backup vocals to Zagarausu's song. The other Voicelugger teammates watched from outside.

In the park, Pai tried again to use her power (assumedly with the enhanced device), but it was to no avail. Zagarausu looked like he was going to stay that way for a time. Just then, Ira Shrine appeared in the park with them. She was very disappointed that Zagarausu had consorted with the enemy. Akiko was going to punch her out, but Zagarausu guarded Ira and he got floored with Akiko's punch.

Suddenly, a cylindrical force field appeared around Zagarausu. Akiko, Haruka, Takeshi, and Tomokazu all pounded on the field but it didn't budge. Finally, the two guys had to pull the girls away. Then a huge energy bolt shot down the middle of the field and blew Zagarausu to bits. As they were in the park, leaves flew from the blast site and landed on the four shocked good guys. Ira Shrine wasn't the least sentimental and ordered her robo-goons to attack the Voiceluggers. All four of the Voiceluggers transformed and began fighting the inept robo-goons. Finally it was a showdown between Voicelugger Ruby and Ira Shrine. They fought and finally it came down to the "ultimate blow" and they both rushed at each other. Ira was hurt badly, but she teleported out of there.

After the battle, Sapphire screamed in agony as he had lost a good friend. Ruby said that she wouldn't forgive Ira Shrine. In time, everything went back to "normal" so to speak. They continued on their seiyuu careers, did chores, had fun. Zagarausu's single was seen playing as a hit song on the radio near the flower stand where Akiko gave the banjo. In the park, the Voiceluggers had erected a gravesite. It looked more like a mound of leaves. Zagarausu's banjo was shoved in the center, standing upright, serving as the grave marker.


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