Voicelugger episode 7

Ayauchi Super Hero! Hoeru Daisousasen
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.08.15
  • Additional comments by CuSO4, 2000.01.14
    This episode features the Voiceluggers fighting alongside some of the more famous sentai heroes.

    The main guest star is Fujioka Hiroshi, aka Kamen Rider, or Segata Sanshirou. In the "Making of" clips, Michie, Takeshi, and many staff all go worship him, getting signature and take photos with him. Haruna was not there, and she wrote in the liner notes: "Ah ! Fujioka-sama......."

    Notice the exceptionally bad editing where you can see Takeshi not wearing his rubber suit head, only to have the Voiceluggers somehow blow it back off his shoulders again.

    A few seiyuu also made cameo apperrance in this episode : Adachi Mari, Kanai Mika, and Yamaguchi Kappei (together with his family). A few animators were also there.

At some police station, the police chief was asking for help because of recent "strange" attacks in the city. I think that he wanted to hire some "supercops". The supercops agreed to help out the regular police force. (In the background, you can see posters for Nadesico's Prince of Darkness movie).

Meanwhile, Akiko was at an amusement park hosting a live-action TV show event. Haruka and Tomokazu were working as security staff in the back. I think the sentai show was called "Voiceman".

Akiko was asking the audience to say "Konnichiwa!". But the crowd just mumbled it back with little enthusiasm. She asked again and again to do it more "genki", but she got the same result every time. Incidentally, I can say from personal experience that this is exactly how typical Japanese crowds act. (Otaku crowds are much different).

Takeshi was in the back dressing up as the evil lobster monster, Torutosu Kaijin. He didn't seem to feel very confident about his role. But when he put on the head of his rubber uniform, the suit became alive. It turned out that Irashrine had set him up, and the suit was in fact a monster.

The show started, and Akiko pretended to be attacked by hooded "bad guys". Torutosu Kaijin appeared and began to beat up Akiko. Akiko whispered why he wasn't following his lines and said that he was getting a little too "excited" about his role. Takeshi said that he wasn't in control. Akiko didn't understand but soon she was being choked. Akiko slugged Torutosu Kaijin pretty hard and it went down face first and flopped on the ground.

Akiko asked the audience to assist her to call for "help" (following the script). But the heroes never showed up. Apparently they had been knocked out by Torutosu Kaijin prior to the shows' start. Torutosu Kaijin finally got back up and began tackling Akiko. Akiko said that it was a nice save, but the monster began choking her pretty badly. Meanwhile, the show's manager was watching and saying that Takeshi was a really good actor. Haruka and Tomokazu figured out that something was really wrong and ran up to the stage. They tried to tackle the monster, but it was too strong as it had lightning shooting out of its prongs on its head. The audience seemed very confused by all of this.

At the police station, reports of a monster attack were given to the police chief. He said that he wanted the supercops down there immediately.

Back at the park, the stage manager was very upset and said that he would take care of it himself. He ran up there and punched Torutosu Kaijin several times. The monster seemed to not be affected at all by the hits and simply whacked the manager one time and he quickly went unconscious. ("Are you okay?" "Yes, I'm finnnne...". *thud*)

Akiko asked if they could transform but the others said not to because there was too many people here.

Then the supercops appeared. They introduced themselves, but then they were a little confused by the fact that they were fighting some bad guys in a event. But soon the hooded thugs from earlier went after them and they immediately went into action.

The supercops were pretty tough and wailed on the goons pretty easily. Finally, Torutosu Kaijin said that he would take care of them himself. With its shocking punches, it went through the supercops quickly. The cops were paralyzed from the electric shocks. The others seemed very disappointed that they couldn't handle it.

The bad guys began terrorizing the audience. One of the kids in the audience cried out for help from the Voicemen. Akiko said that it was her cue. The others seemed confused, but Akiko said that whenever somebody called for help, it was a hero's responsibility to respond.

She got on stage, and, with a little stage special effects (to cover up the "real" transformation), she transformed to Voicelugger Ruby. Then she began fighting the hooded thugs. It turned out that they were the robo-goons sent out by Genbar, and she took them out easily. Haruka and Tomokazu quickly transformed and helped her out.

Akiko kicked Torutosu Kaijin in the gut and Takeshi cried out in pain. Takeshi blacked out and the monster seemed to pass out, hunched over. But soon the monster revived himself, fully in control over the suit.

Voicelugger Rose and Emerald held Torutosu Kaijin's arms to keep him still. They were getting shocked pretty bad, but Rose told Ruby to finish it. Ruby did her "Voicelugger Screw Kick" special move and whacked one of the monster's antennas off of its head. The others then let him go.

The monster repeatedly tried to shoot lightning from his head, but couldn't since he was missing an antenna. Then the other Voiceluggers got together and used their special attack and blew the head (of the rubber suit) off of Takeshi.

Then Irashrine teleported into the scene and said that she would take care of things herself. She began taking on all three Voiceluggers, and she was doing a half decent job of beating them up with her lash. But Genbar ordered her to retreat and she teleported out of there.

The crowd was going nuts after all of this. They thought that it was the best show ever. The supercops finally regained consciousness and asked what happened. One of the audience members said that he missed the really great ending with the Voiceluggers saving everybody. The supercops didn't know what the heck was happening.

Then the Voiceluggers introduced themselves to the crowd. They asked Takeshi to join in. He quickly tossed off his suit and transformed. Ruby aaked the stage manager for some smoke special effects to announce his "debut" as Voicelugger Sapphire.

Later, Tomokazu and Haruka were in the park. It was probably Valentine's Day since Haruka gave Tomokazu some chocolate. He said that it was delicious.

Meanwhile, Takeshi and Akiko were elsewhere in the city and were having another argument somehow. Akiko ran off without saying goodbye. Then she pulled out her chocolate (which she was probably going to give to Takeshi) and began to gorge on it herself.


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