Voicelugger episode 9

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.10.25
Akiko made it to Haruka, but she was lying on the floor and wasn't moving. Akiko shook her (violating plenty of first aid rules) and Haruka opened her eyes. So she hadn't died after all.

Later, Android Pai and Myuu were watching over Haruka in the hospital. Android Pai was wearing a nurse's outfit. The producer of the studio came over to visit. Haruka appeared to be comatose.

Takeshi was walking to his truck in the parking garage, but somebody was following him. He got in his truck and he was driving out of the garage, but somebody was standing in the middle of the road. Takeshi braked hard to avoid hitting him, but the guy was gone the next time he looked. The guy, who had white hair and dark glasses, was with him in the car.

The man, who called himself Chaos, knew that he was Voicelugger Sapphire and knew about Voicelugger Gold. They talked for a time. I believe that Chaos wanted him to do something.

Back at the hospital, Akiko said that Haruka had been really hurt mentally. Android Pai said that she would help Akiko. She held Akiko's and Haruka's hand and created a psychic link.

Inside of Haruka's mind, Akiko was surrounded by Haruka's memories. She saw that Voicelugger Emerald was choking her before she went unconscious. Akiko was calling out for Haruka, but Haruka told her to leave her alone. Akiko was talking to her, asking her what happened.

The psychic link broke, and Haruka sat up screaming. Android Pai asked Akiko what did she say to her. Pai tried to comfort Haruka, but eventually Haruka stopped screaming and fell back on the bed unconscious.

Later, Akiko and Takeshi were in the park talking. They were next to the grave of Zagarausu. Amazingly, it still had the banjo stuck into the ground. Takeshi said that he had to go do something.

Akiko was talking to Android Pai and Myuu. Myuu mentioned that you could make a Dimension Hole to reach Genbar's realm. Android Pai, if you recall, had made one in the past in an attempt to send Akiko to his realm. Akiko said that she wanted to go through it to save everyone.

That night, Akiko sat by Haruka's bed. She stayed there all night, and fell asleep. The next morning, Android Pai had prepared a meal for Akiko. She said that she had to be strong in order to bring back Voicelugger Emerald.

Meanwhile, Irashrine was being scolded by Genbar in the other dimension. Genbar wanted to get the other voice crystals right away. Irashrine said that she would get them.

Back on Earth, Android Pai was opening a dimension hole. Akiko transformed into Voicelugger Ruby and went into it.

Irashrine was with Voicelugger Emerald and was trying to pull the voice crystal out of him. But Akiko appeared before she could do it, and attacked her. Irashrine ordered Emerald to attack her. Emerald was beating Ruby silly as she wasn't fighting back. Emerald cast a sonic blast, and then he started choking Ruby.

At that point, Ruby kicked Emerald away. She finally got the courage to fight. Then Emerald rushed at her. Ruby did a flying kick to counter. They both hit each other. Ruby fell and appeared to be hurt. But then Emerald's gem cracked and he fell unconscious. Irashrine couldn't believe it.

Emerald appeared to regain control of his mind. He apologized for what he did to Haruka. Android Pai was having trouble keeping the dimension hole open. Emerald told Ruby to go through the hole.

Then Irashrine tried to attack Ruby. But Emerald blocked the blow. He got a large spear right through his chest. Irashrine electrified the spear, and Emerald was starting to die. Back at the hospital, Haruka could detect that Tomokazu was in trouble, and a tear came out of her eye. Then, Emerald took a hold of Ruby's hand and he threw her through the hole right before it closed.

Irashrine threw multiple energy bolts at Emerald. Blood came out of his mouth. Then he said good-bye to everyone and died.

Back on Earth, Android Pai was fried from overloading. Both Myuu and Akiko were passed out from the shock wave. Akiko woke up and noticed that she was still holding Emerald's hand. But as she looked, she realized that it was only Emerald's arm--it had been detached from his body. Akiko was horrified.

Meanwhile, Sapphire and Chaos were traveling in the Phantom Zone.


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