Voicelugger episode 11

Redemption Song ha Utaenai
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 1999.12.31
Takeshi was wandering around the old apartment. He went to the studio and found out about what happened to the producer. But it seems that nobody seems to recognize Takeshi. How very strange.

Akiko was walking by a gang of thugs that was beating up a guy. But Akiko didn't even stop to help him. She just kept on going looking dejected.

Meanwhile, Takeshi was really perplexed. He was yelling for somebody to help him. He then saw Akiko and he was running after her.

Akiko was walking in some abandoned alley when suddenly a cage appeared around her. She tried to grab the bars, but they gave her a powerful shock. Then Akiko saw herself walking from outside the cage to her. The clone talked derisively about Akiko (the one in the cage). The two Akikos were having a long argument over things like whether she was really fit to be called a "hero" and stuff like that.

It appeared to vanish. Shortly afterwards, the cage fell apart. I guess the idea was to break Akiko's spirit. Or perhaps the whole thing was some illusion set up by the bad guys.

Meanwhile, Haruka was still shopping in store. But Haruka started to flip out because she kept having flashbacks when Voicelugger Emerald was choking her to death.

Takeshi heard her voice and he and Myuu ran to her. He was talking to her about the voice crystals and stuff. Perhaps it was information that he had learned from Chaos and the fairies from the Phantom Zone.

Akiko somehow was back fighting against the evil Akiko. The good Akiko was getting the crap beaten out of her.

In the Phantom Zone or whatever, Voicelugger Gold and Chaos were in some field where there were several windmills in the background. Y'know, the kind that are used to generate electricity, not the kind you see in Holland. They were talking for a short period of time.

Then they were fighting again.

Akiko was almost knocked unconscious by the evil Akiko. The good Akiko lost her Voicelugger uniform after she was thrown into a column. The goppledanger began to pull out her voice crystal.

Akiko screamed and then there was this flash of light. Akiko found herself riding some bus. The bus was being driven by Voicelugger Gold. They had a conversation with each other. Do you remember how Shinji often has those mental trips where he's riding a train near sunset, and he's talking to some entity, like Rei or himself? It's the exact same thing.

Akiko woke up from her dream and she managed to get the voice crystal back into her. She discovered that she was surrounded by Irashrine and a bunch of her cronies. Akiko transformed back into Voicelugger Ruby and began to kick all of their butts.

Meanwhile, Gold and Chaos were fighting still. They managed to push each other off a cliff and they were falling.

Haruka apparently went to a church and was praying. I think that she was trying to find some peace within herself, or perhaps she wanted to see if she could figure out what to do. She started to imagine that Tomokasu was still alive and they were going out on a date together.

Back at Irashrine and Akiko's fight, Irashrine used Emerald's voice crystal and powered up. Akiko couldn't fight her. Irashrine was going to make the final blow when suddenly she stopped.

Irashrine couldn't move because Genbar was using his power to stop her. Flames appeared around her as she heard Genbar's voice. Irashrine was thrashing around trying to attack him, but it was no use. Genbar then took Emerald's voice stone from her. Then for her betrayal, he sent a lightning bolt and killed her.

Genbar appeared to have transported himself into Tokyo.


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