Bandai Entertainment Magazine 4

Х Entertainment Magazine

not for sale
released 1995 (?)

around 30 minutes (?)

This video is a promotional video that they play in Animate and other anime related stores. This video contains a lot of anime and seiyuu clips.

The first section was about OAVs.

  • Saber Marionette R
    There was a short interview with Akahori Satoru.
  • Sailor Victory
    There were short comments by each of the seiyuu.
    • Tsuru Hiromi
    • Hisakawa Aya
    • Touma Yumi
    • Kanamaru Hinako
    • Shimagata Junko
  • Fam and Ihrlie
    There was a short interview with each seiyuu.
    • Yamadera Kouichi
    • Inoue Kikuko
    • Matsumoto Rica
    • Neya Michiko
    • Shiina Hekiru
  • 3x3 Eyes
    There were some clips from the after recording session (1995.02.27), and some short comments by Tsujitani Kouji, Ohtsuka Akio, and Hayashibara Megumi.
  • Ryuu Knight

The next section was about movies.

  • Kappa (Ƹ)
  • Ghost in the Shell
    There was an interview with Oshii Mamoru. There were also some clips, with the voices in English.
  • Memories
    There was an interview with Ohtomo Katsuhiro.

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