G-on Riders vol 0

G-on Riders vol 0

released 2002.08.09
2800 yen
32 minutes
NTSC region 2, one side, one layer

This is a special volume 0 DVD for the anime G-on Riders. It features short interviews of the seiyuu, who sing the opening and ending songs for this anime. Shima Ryouka, Minami Omi (), and Kurata Masayo sings the OP, and Mizuhashi Kaori, Machii Miki, Uemura Takako, and Tamura Yukari (¼椫) sings the ED.

There is a seiyuu music video version of the OP song, "Tokimeite, G-on G!" featuring the three main seiyuu, Shima Ryouka, Minami Omi, and Kurata Masayo. There is also a long (around 10 minutes) interview of the three main seiyuu.

The song Reflection Love (by Cutie Pai ) is used as BGM during one of the advertisements.

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