Hummingbird Nekkyou no Live

ハミングバード 熱狂の裸・イブ(ライブ)

Toshiba-EMI TYLY-3005 (LD) and TYVY-3005 (VHS)
3900 yen
released 1993.08.28

50 minutes

The contents of the video are as follows.

  1. Opening
  2. LOVE WING (Hummingbird OP) - Hummingbird
  3. RAINBOW FORCES (Hummingbird '94 ED) - Hummingbird
  4. Koibitotachi no Crying Rain - Hummingbird
  5. Dakara KISS AGAIN - Ten-Tama Set (Amano Yuri & Tamagawa Sakiko)
  6. Nakimushi no Mermaid - Pretty^2 (Mitsuishi Kotono & Shiina Hekiru)
  7. Romance ni byoyomi (Hummingbird '94 OP) - Kusachi Fumie
  8. Yappari daisuki (Hummingbird IS) - Hummingbird
  9. Furareta nante omottenai kara (Hummingbird ED) - Hummingbird
  10. LOVE WING (Hummingbird OP) - Hummingbird
  11. Omake - aburamushi no Dance
  12. Omake - TOTOBENKI
The LD comes with a lyrics sheet and a sheet of 4 postcards picturing Hummingbird (all 5 seiyuu), Ten-Tama Set, Pretty^2, and Kusachi Fumie. The LD jacket itself contains a collage of pictures from the concert on front and back.

The program doesn't have the song, "Setsunai Omoi", the concert performance song in the first Hummingbird OAV.


The "Opening" shows the members of Hummingbird getting ready for the concert and the fans waiting, then entering the auditorium for the final performance of the Hummingbird Summer Aviation Tour '93.

The version of "Love Wing" on track 2: Kusachi Fumie sings the first stanza and chorus of the song, and is joined by the other four members of Hummingbird for the rest of the song.

The program also includes short talks (or excerpts of longer talks) by the members of Hummingbird:

  • End of track 3: self-introduction by each of the seiyuu and announcement of Hummingbird OAV 2.
  • End of track 4: Amano Yuri and Tamagawa Sakiko as Ten-Tama Set.
  • End of track 5: Mitsuishi Kotono and Shiina Hekiru as Pretty^2.
  • End of track 7: Kusachi Fumie.

Track 10: "Love Wing" encore -- goes into production credits during the chorus, and shows clips of the concert that didn't make it into the main portion of the LD program.

Tracks 11 & 12 are "extra" clips from the concert: the five seiyuu doing the "Cockroach Dance"(?) and a school cheer(?).

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