Lemon Angel Omoikkiri Meippai

レモンエンジェル おもいっきり!めいっぱい!!
Lemon Angel Omoikkiri! Meippai!!
Live in Chiyoda Koukaidou

Lemon Angel Fan Club (VHS)
not for sale
released 1988.??.??
approximately 17 minutes

This is a special concert highlights video of the first live held at the Chiyoda Koukaidou on 1988.06.19.

The video starts with scenes of a long line outside, followed by scenes backstage before the concert. It is set to the song "Dai Ikkyuu Renaizai" and then mixed to the live video of that song.

The next scene is a brief skit on the stage and then the live complete song "Tenshi wa Escape".

Following are parts of solo selections: Tomo-chan's "Ichigo no Boy", Erika-chan's "Yubiwa Monogatari" and Miki-chan's "Hoshi no Orgel".

There is next various stage scenes set to the music of the Lemon Angel theme "Aoi Milk". Last is an encore of "Lemon Hakusho" with a brief emotional scene backstage at the end of the concert.

The Lemon Angel members are Sakurai Tomo (桜井智), Shima Erika, Emoto Miki.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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