Love Live Hina

Love Live Hina

released 2000.11.22
4800 yen
68 minutes, one side, two layer, mpeg2, NTSC

This is a concert video of the Love Live Hina that took place at Zepp Osaka on August 6, 2000. I assume this contains all of the songs, but I think they cut out some of the talk.

The video quality of this DVD is very good.

Track information for chapter 1.

  1. opening, crowd shots, etc
  2. Sakura Saku (Hinata Girls)
    self introduction
  3. Medley (Hinata Girls)
    talk by Yui
  4. Kamune Iro no Natsu (Horie Yui)
  5. Densetsu no Onsen Game (Yukino Satsuki)
    talk by Satsuki
  6. Heart ha Wow Wow (Takagi Reiko)
  7. Sweet Blue Days (Asakawa Yuu, Kurata Masayo)
  8. Kimi Sae Ireba (Hayashibara Megumi)
    talk by Megumi
  9. Kasa ga Nainoyo (Noda Junko)
  10. Yakusoku (Horie Yui)
  11. Nante Sutekina (Yukino Satsuki)
  12. Shinobu no Touban Nikki (Kurata Masayo)
    talk by Masayo
  13. Shinken (Asakawa Yuu)
  14. Happy Happy Rice Shower (Horie Yui)
  15. Sakura Saku (Hayashibara Megumi)
  16. [encore] Ii Yu Dana
  17. ending credits

There are also some interview clips. The chapters are as follows.

  1. Horie Yui
  2. Kurata Masayo
  3. Noda Junko
  4. Hayashibara Megumi
  5. Yukino Satsuki
  6. Asakawa Yuu
  7. Takagi Reiko

Chapter 9 is a multi-angle version of the encore. There are three angles. Angle 1 is the straight-on camera. Angle 2 is the front row camera. Angle 3 is the rear-left camera.

There is a color booklet containing pictures of the singers, but there are no lyrics printed in the booklet.

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