Fifth Anniversary Performance Kaijin Bessou

Sakura Taisen Kayou Show Fifth Anniversary Performance
"Kaijin Bessou -Original work by Izumi Kyoka-"
2001 Summer

Digicube (reserve-only)
9800 yen
released 2001.12.07

[information provided by CuSO4]

Fifth summer live performance. The comedy part of Kaijin Bessou is quite good, and the finale is very well performed. The extra clip on the audiance paying tribute to the cast and staff is very very touching, making many of the cast crying heavily.

Also in the DVD box is the Paris Hanagumi Mini Live. Since this is their first performance, there are many areas to improve. >From this show, the DVD is released by Digicube, which uses the reserve only distribution method. Many fans thought that the DVD can be easily bought in the DVD stores and so do not place any reservation. Apparently this is not the case and now many fans are seeking this DVD box set in auction sites.

Extra: Cast after-show interview, Rehersal clips, Audiance paying tribute to the cast and staff, Paris Hanagumi Mini Live, Kaijin Bessou Script, Paris Hanagumi Mini Live Script, Kaijin Bessou Sticker.

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