13 Banme no Senritsu

13 Banme no Senritsu (13th Melody)

Pony Canyon PCLP-00691 (LD)
Pony Canyon PCVP-52491 (VHS)
6720 yen (LD/VHS)
released 1998.12.18
approximately 55 minutes

This movie involves Sakurai Tomo (桜井智), a librarian who is scolded at the beginning for reading a book while not noticing a large line of patrons at her desk. She leaves work later to arrive at a bookshop. A book called "13th Melody" catches her eye, and she reads the high price to her dismay. The shopkeeper lowers the price, and she purchases the book and hurries home. The remainder of the movie shows her reading various short stories from the book. Each section is accompanied by light thematic music.

The scenes are titled as follows.

  1. 月光の深い森 (Moonlight's Deep Forest)
  2. ガラス孔雀のセレナーデ (Glass Peacock Serenade)
  3. さよならピアノ (Goodbye Piano)
  4. スケルトンフリュト (Skeleton Flute)
  5. 夜想曲 (Nocturne)
  6. メタセコイアの木 (Metasequoia Tree)
  7. 水晶宮の謎 (Crystal Palace Puzzle)
  8. 海賊たちの午睡 (Pirates' Afternoon Nap)
  9. 夏の海の白い航跡 (Summer Sea's White Wake)
  10. マルセイユブルー (Marseilles Blue)
  11. 思い出箱 (Memory Box)
  12. 13番目の旋律 (13th Melody)
[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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