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Watanabe Naoko events

Some of the events that Naoko has appeared in are as follows.

1985.05.02[11:00] Urekko Wakate Seiyuu Special at Kokusai Sports Fair 85 Haru
1988.03.24-1988.03.30Actors Thrill & Chance "feel/me" play at Shinjuku Theatre Tops
2003.09.09-2003.09.15NAO-TA! Produce Vol.2 "DEAR -Garasu koshi no-" play
2008.10.31-2008.11.09Dramatic Company "Birthday -2008"
2009.03.20[11:00] Tokyo Kokusai Anime Fair 2009 Special Stage Dragonball
2011.06.21-2011.06.26Play "Poco a Poco" at Theatre BonBon
2013.04.24-2013.04.29Nao-Ta! Produce Vol.8 "Taisetsu na Kimi"
2015.04.18-2015.04.19Nao-Ta! Produce Vol.8 Osaka Kouen