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Watanabe Naoko roles (games)

Naoko has done the following roles in games.

Burai II: Yamikoutei no Gyakushuu [PC Engine]Maimai Plot
Doukyuusei [PC Engine]Shingyouji Reiko
Doukyuusei if [Sega Saturn]Shingyouji Reiko
Dragonball Z Budoukai [Playstation 2, Game Cube]Puuaru
Dragonball Z Sparking! NEO [PlayStation 2]Chichi
Dragonball Z Sparking! NEO [PlayStation 2]Puuaru
Eternal Melody [Playstation, Sega Saturn]Carat Shields
Tales of Destiny [PlayStation]Chelsea Tone
Ys I-II: Ancient Ys Vanished [PC Engine]Feena