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Yajima Akiko events

Some of the events that Akiko has appeared in are as follows.

1994.06.05Tokyo Toy Show
1995.08.20Ryuu Knight Summer Legend
1995.12.29Kashiwa Sogo Anime Festival
1996.03.31Harumi Final Live
1997.05.10Dai Undoukai event in Osaka
1997.05.11Dai Undoukai event in Tokyo
1997.05.18Dai Undoukai event in Tokyo
1997.05.24Dai Undoukai event in Nagoya
1998.04.11Geo Breeders event in Osaka
1998.04.12Geo Breeders event in Nagoya
1998.07.20Pioneer LDC Matsuri Summer in Nagoya
2000.05.28Victor OURS Anime Festival in Suginami Koukaidou
2000.06.10Victor OURS Anime Festival in Nagoya
2000.06.11Victor OURS Anime Festival in Osaka
2004.04.17[09:50] Crayon Shin-chan movie event at Nichigeki 2 Yuurakuchou
2005.04.16[09:00] Crayon Shin-chan movie event Yuurakuchou Marion
2008.04.19[08:45] Crayon Shin-chan movie butai aisatsu Yuurakucho Nichigeki 2
2013.04.20[10:30] "Crayon Shin-chan Bakauma!" Yuurakuchou Toho