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Yoshioka Mayu DVDs/Blurays/videos

Some of the video media (Bluray, DVD, laser disc, VHS tape) that Mayu has appeared in are as follows.

2014.02.267 Girls War [CD+DVD] (AVCA-74092)promo video
2014.02.26Koto no Ha Aoba [CD+DVD] (AVCA-74094)promo video
2015.08.26Shoujo Koukyoukyoku [CD+DVD] (EYCA-10555)promo video
2015.12.09Beyond the Bottom [CD+DVD] (EYCA-10571)promo video
2016.11.25Bokura no Frontier [CD+DVD] (EYCA-11145)promo video
2017.05.24Koi de Ai de Boukun desu! [CD+DVD] (EY?CA-11382)promo video
2017.08.09One In A Billion [CD+BD] (VTZL-131)promo video
2017.09.27WUG-chan to Pajama Party Ganbapperadio show
2017.11.297 Senses [CD+DVD] (EYCA-11598)promo video
2017.11.29Shizuku no Kanmuri [CD+DVD] (EYCA-11600)promo video
2018.02.28Suki no Skill [CD+DVD] (EYCA-11832)promo video