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Yuuki Aoi CDs

Some of the CDs that Aoi has released or appeared in are listed below.

Solo CDs

Aoi has released the following solo CDs.

2012.03.28Petite Pas (VTZL-41)Song
2016.12.14Tokowaka no Kuni (VTZL-113)Song
2019.06.12Voice Sample (COZX-40812)Song
2019.06.12Voice Sample [CD+BD] (COZX-1549)Song

Miscellaneous CDs

Aoi appears (sings/talks) in the following miscellaneous CDs.

2010.05.26Ichiban Ushiro ni aru Kimochi (LASA-5046)Song/Talk
2010.06.09Anyamaru Tantei Kilmin Zoo Assort CD 1 (KICA-3122)Song
2010.07.30To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Archives 3 (GNCA-1255)Talk
2010.08.04Anyamaru Tantei Kilmin Zoo Assort CD 2 (KICA-3123)Song
2010.12.08Samurai The Show (LACA-15072)Song/Talk
2011.03.23The World God Only Knows Original Soundtrack (GNCA-1279)Song
2011.11.16Treasure (PCCG-01209)Song
2011.12.21Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai Character Cover Album (GNCA-1285)Song
2013.07.10Yahari Kono Chara Song ha Machigatteiru (GNCA-1375)Song
2014.05.07Petit Miladia [CD+BD] [Petit Milady] (POCE-9405)Song
2015.05.13Cheri*Cheri? Milady! [CD+DVD] [Petit Milady] (POCE-9412)Song
2015.12.23Mille Mercis [Petit Milady] (POCE-1431)Song
2016.04.27START (VTCL-35228)Song
2016.07.27Calendar Girl [Petit Milady] (POCE-1433)Song
2017.04.19GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.04 (PCCG-1594)Song
2017.05.17GirlFriend Character Song Series Vol.05 (PCCG-1595)Song
2018.12.19Howling!! [Petit Milady] (POCE-9424)Song
2020.02.12Princess Connect Re:Dive Character Song Album Vol.1 (COZX-1623)Song

CD Singles

Aoi appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

2010.04.21Yutori no Yutori (LACM-4716)Song
2010.11.10Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse (LACM-4757)Song
2010.11.24Kami Nomi Chara CD.2 Mio (GNCA-0202)Song
2010.12.08Koi no Shirushi (GNCA-0193)Song
2012.02.08Yakimochi Capris (NECM-10168)Song
2012.02.29Gekisou Gungnir (KICM-3243)Song
2012.06.20Saki Achigahen Character Song Single Vol.1 (LASM-4139)Song
2012.06.20Square Panic Serenade (LASM-4133)Song
2013.05.15Kagami no Dualism [Petit Milady] (UMCA-59014)Song
2013.07.24Symphogear G Character Song 2 (KICM-3258)Song
2014.02.05Azurite [Petit Milady] (POCE-9401)Song
2014.08.13Koi ha Milk Tea [Petit Milady] (POCE-9407)Song
2015.01.07Hi no Ito Rinne no Gemini (POCE-9409)Song
2015.07.15Symphogear GX Character Song 2 (KICM-3295)Song
2015.10.21Hakone Hakoiri Musume (POCE-9414)Song
2016.05.04Seishun ha Tabemono desu [Petit Milady] (POCE-1432)Song
2017.07.05Symphogear AXZ Character Song 1 (KICM-3322)Song
2017.11.01Eien Labyrinth (COCC-17349)Song
2018.03.28Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 02 (COCC-17362)Song/Talk
2018.04.25Kaeru Basho ga Aru to Iukoto (COCC-17448)Song
2018.04.25Kaeru Basho ga Aru to Iukoto [CD+DVD] (COZC-1432)Song
2018.05.16A or A (POCE-1435)Song
2018.05.16A or A (POCE-9421)Song
2018.07.25Sekaijuu ga Koi wo Suru Yoru [CD+DVD] (POCE-9422)Song
2018.09.26360 Hoshi no Orchestra [Petit Milady] (POCE-1437)Song
2019.07.10Symphogear XV Character Song 1 (KICM-3356)Song
2020.05.27Princess Connect Re:Dive Priconne Character Song 15 (COCC-17675)Song

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