SG Girls 12 all's Last Concert

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12 all's Last Concert
2800 yen

The cover is white. Pretty boring.

There are several pages of monochrome, very grainy pictures of the crowd, and the girls. This is just an artsy intro.

There are 6 color pages on each of the live events, Fukuoka (Urarako, Chizu, Yuka), Osaka (Yukiko, Machiko, Michiko), Nagoya (Yuki, Hiromi, Asami), and Sapporo (Mariko, Ai, Junko). Nice large pictures. It has some pics from the event itself, and also pictures of the girls in the respective cities.

Then the rest is the Summer Concert. 4 pages of the girls singing Senti na Natsuyasumi, wearing school girl clothes. Then 2 pages on each girl, in the order that they sang, Hiromi, Urarako, Yuka, Michiko, Mariko, Yukiko. These are 2 full page pictures.

After Mannaka Yukiko, there are 12 pages of behind the scenes photos of the girls rehearsing.

Then 2 pages on each girl, Chizu, Junko, Asami, Yuki, Ai, Machiko. 2 more pages on Senti na Natsuyasumi, with the girls wearing the SG Girls T-shirts.

Then there is a one page interview with each girl, with three little photos on the page.

2 pages on the encore, 1 Doz no Memory.

A large 2 page picture of everyone waving good bye.

Song listing, and a small picture of Watanabe Kaoru.

Lastly, a small color picture of the crowd leaving, along with a staff list.

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