SJ Final Character Collection

[box] Sentimental Journey Final Character Collection

released 1998.12.31
14000 yen (5% tax included)


The package is a nice, sturdy box. Nice pictures on the front and back. There are 12 CD singles (individually wrapped) and a set of 13 photos inside. All pictures are in Sentimental Journey TV character designs.

Each CD single contains: a short prologue instrumental, the new vocal song, a message "my sweet memories", and the karaoke for the song. There is also a handwritten message inside. The message on the CD is almost identical to the handwritten message, but a little longer.

[Akira] [Chie] [Yuu] [Manami] [Kaho] [Wakana]

[Rurika] [Asuka] [Miyuki] [Emiru] [Taeko] [Honoka]

[Sentimental Journey Final Character Collection]
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