Sentimental Graffiti Fan Club CD-02

Morii Kaho
Hoshino Asuka
Okada Junko (岡田純子)
Makishima Yuki (牧島有希)
around 55 minutes

The hosts of this issue were Okada Junko and Makishima Yuki.

Sentimental Report

They played some clips from the Sentimenal Graffiti the Fineday event.

Then they talked about the Sentimental Graffiti Summer Concert.

Junko said that she was very nervous. The arrangement of her song was different from the CD version, as it was piano only, so she said it was more sentimental.

Then they played a tape of an interview of everyone right after the concert (by Konno Hiromi and Nishiguchi Yuka). Everyone had some comments about the concert, and thanked the fans. Suzuki Mariko, Mannaka Yukiko, Makishima Yuki, Maeda Ai, Oda Michiko, Okamoto Asami, Okada Junko, Yonemoto Chizu, Suzuki Urarako, Toyoshima Machiko, Konno Hiromi, and Nishiguchi Yuka.

Junko said that she did two different "arrangements" for the first and second sessions.. (^_^;) Then she apologized for the first session.

Then Junko and Yuki announced that there will be a CD and LD of the Sentimental Graffiti concert.

There was an advertisement by Rurika for Animate.

Then Chie talked about music bands in her "Ongaku Rekishikan" (music history) corner.

Cover Girls Message

This time it was Morii Kaho (Mannaka Yukiko) and Hoshino Asuka (Okamoto Asami).

There were many letters, so they pulled some postcards and answered the questions.

Q: What subjects did you like/hate in school?
Yukiko liked gym.
Everyone hated math.
Asami liked the ones where she didn't have to study, like gym and music.
Yuki liked art. She likes to draw pictures.
Junko likes to sew, but she can't cook. She was always in charge of washing the dishes..

Q: What clubs were you in during school?
Yukiko was in the basketball team in junior high. In high school, she was in the drama club.
Asami was in the brass band, and played the horn. She was in the dance club.
Junko was in the drama club in high school. There weren't many male members, so Junko did the role of boys most of the time.
Yuki was in the cooking and sewing club in grade school. In junior high, she was in the English speaking club. In high school, she was on the judo team, but she injured her back.

There was an advertisement by Miyuki for SG goods (Banpresto) at the game centers.

Then Akira talked about some jewelry.

Sentimental Chat Club

There were a lot of letters, and Kaho (Yukiko), Miyuki (Yuki), and Taeko (Junko) read messages. Then Yuki read a simple message "suki" (as Miyuki) and Junko said "oyasumi nasai" (as Taeko).

Then Yuki and Junko each read a sentimental story.

Then there was an advertisement by Akira for the 12 SG CDs. There will be a present for everyone who bought all 12 CDs.


There was a question, "What did everyone do during the summer?"
Yuki said they all went to the pool.

Then there was a good bye message by Wakana (Oda Michiko) and Asuka (Okamoto Asami).

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