Sentimental Graffiti Tour Making Special

Sentimental Graffiti Tour Making Special

This is a "making of" video of the SG Girls concert tour (Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo). But there is some footage of the Tokyo concert mixed in.

There is approximately 15 minutes of making of on each of the tour events. There were scenes of the girls walking around in the respective cities, as most of them got into town on the previous day. There were also short clips from the events (song portion) and some of the rehearsals.

It also contained video of each of the girls going to sleep in their hotel rooms. (^_^; You can see what kind of pajamas they wear. Makishima Yuki was wearing cow pajamas. (^_^; Some of the girls were wearing glasses right before going to sleep: Nishiguchi Yuka, Mannaka Yukiko, Konno Hiromi.

Some of the hilights.

(Urarako, Yuka, Chizu)
The girls went around to eat ramen, oden, ice cream, etc..
(Michiko, Yukiko, Machiko)
Yukiko and Michiko flew into Osaka early. This was the first time that Yukiko had flown on a plane. Machiko took the shinkansen by herself, and arrived in Osaka late at night. On the day of the event, they went to Tsuutenkaku Tower, and saw the Billiken statue in the observatory.
(Hiromi, Asami, Yuki)
They went to a horse race.
(Junko, Ai, Mariko)
Junko brought a "real" camera and took a lot of pictures as they went sightseeing around Sapporo.

This video is also included in the SG Girls' Live Memorials DVD, and the tracks are broken up as follows.

  • Opening
  • SG Girls in Fukuoka
  • SG Girls in Osaka
  • Rehearsal in Tokyo
  • SG Girls in Nagoya
  • SG Girls in Sapporo
  • The End of Tour
  • Aratanaru Asu he..

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