Saber Marionette R second series

[Boku no hatsutaiken pinch!]

Starchild, KICA-240
1980 yen
released 1995.04.21

This is a drama CD containing the second four episodes of the Saber Marionette R radio drama.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. opening (Junior)
  2. episode 5 Junior no yowami ha minnano jakuten?
  3. episode 6 Seiki no omanuke daisakusen hajimaru!?
  4. episode 7 Kyuukyoku no soudatsusen!? Boku no hatsutaiken pinch!
  5. episode 8 Cherry .. Sono ai
  6. ending (Face)
The cover of the CD has Cherry (very cute, sitting down), Kyanny, and small (SD) Junior. The back cover has SD Cherry and SD Kyanny. The CD itself has the same picture of SD Cherry and SD Kyanny.

The booklet has a monochrome picture of Akahori Satoru putting his arms around Shiratori Yuri and Mizutani Yuko. There is a transcription of their talk.

The booklet also has monochrome character sketches of Cherry and Kyanny.

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