Saber Marionette R third series

[Otome no koi ha mirai he tuduku]

Starchild, KICA-244
1980 yen
released 1995.06.21

This is a drama CD containing the last four episodes of the Saber Marionette R radio drama.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. opening (Who owns Junior?)
  2. episode 9 Ushinawareta Kako
  3. episode 10 Romana Saigo no Yoru
  4. episode 11 Subete Waga Shuchuuni ari
  5. episode 12 Otome no Koi ha.. Mirai he Tsuzuku
  6. ending (Who owns Face?)
The cover of the CD has SD Brid and SD Bloodberry in figting/attack poses. The back cover has SD Brid and SD Bloodberry standing. The CD itself has the same picture of SD Brid and SD Bloodberry.

The booklet has a monochrome picture of Inoue Kikuko and Hiramatsu Akiko with Akahori Satoru. There is a transcription of their talk.

The booklet also has monochrome character sketches of Blooberry and Brid.

The first pressing of this CD comes with a nice, colorful cardboard box which is big enough to hold all three drama CDs. The front cover has very cute pictures of Bloodberry, Cherry (looking very angry), Lime (sitting down), and Junior. The back cover has very cute pictures of Edge, Brid, and Kyanny.

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