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  • Sailor Moon book/manga information

    The following are some of the books and manga relating to Sailor Moon that have been published.

    Lover of Princess Kaguya

    • ISBN4-06-319548-1 (550 yen)
    • This is the story that the Sailor Moon S movie is based on.

    Illustration Collections

    • Illustration Collection volume 1
      • ISBN4-06-324507-1 (1900 yen)
      • cover has light blue background, Sailor Senshi in the foreground of the front and Tuxedo Kamen in the foreground of the back.
    • Illustration Collection volume 2
      • ISBN4-06-324508-X (1900 yen)
      • cover has orange background, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon in the foreground.
    • Illustration Collection volume 3
      • ISBN4-06-324518-7 (2200 yen)
      • cover has purple background, Outter Sailor Senshi with SailorMoon in the foreground of the front, Inner Senshi with Sailor Chibi Moon in the foreground of the back.

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