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  • Nakayoshi anime albums

    The Nakayoshi anime albums are large sized color books containing lots of pictures and information.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon album I

    • ISBN4-06-177734-3 (1200 yen)
    • summaries/pictures of TV episodes 1 to 24.
    [information provided by Dag Wa]

    On the front cover has Sailor Moon giving a "V" sign at the "camera" with the other 4 senshi in the background. up at the right hand corner it has "nakayoshi" in hirigana, and somthing in katakana (I don't know much Japanese). "SAILORMOON" is written across the top. At the bottom, at about a 10 degree slant, the full logo is written.

    Inside is a fold out mini-poster (like in the manga collections) of the girls at a mall. It has (aside from the plots of the episodes) preliminary sketches for the characters' anime appearances. I am pretty sure these are by Naoko Takeuchi. After the episode guide, it goes to a conversation between Takeuchi and someone (Usagi's seiyuu?). Then assorted guides for the animators, an activity with instruction by Usagi, somthing involving graphs with Ami-chan, tarot cards with Rei. Then biographical information on the seiyuu, fan letters and art, and pictures of merchandise. The back cover has Sailor Moon in the "I'll punish you!" pose.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon album II

    • ISBN4-06-177740-8 (1200 yen)
    • summaries/pictures of TV episodes 25 to 46.
    [information provided by Dag Wa]

    There are two sides to the mini-poster. side 1: Beryl reaching evily with the 4 generals off to the side, while the senshi protect Naru with Tuxedo Mask in the extreme background. side 2: Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon on the right with the others in boxes with their sigils.

    The first few pages show Tuxedo Mask and all the Senshi in nice pics, one per page. After the episodes, some information about the the producer. (I think, may be head of animation, but definatly someon male and important)Then a walk through of how a cell is produced.Then cooking with Mako-chan, more animation guides, height guide, saucer catcher dolls with Minako, some info about the Seiyuu, Luna discusses strategy for the game boy game, mor info about the video games, fan art and letters, and more mechandise. Back cover has the spirits of the 4 senshi helping Princess Serenity destroy Metallia.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S album

    • ISBN4-06-324565-9 (1200 yen)

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