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  • Sailor Moon Music Collection -Extra Version-


    Columbia COCC-13402
    2800 yen
    released 1996.06.21

    This CD contains the TV size versions of the OP and ED of Sailor Moon (Moonlight Densetsu and Tuxedo Mirage) and the R, S, SS, and non-released BGM. There are 26 tracks and the CD is almost 70 minutes long.

    [information by Titus Hsu]

    There are several siginificant tracks on the Extra Version CD. The 3 most significant pieces on this CD are, IMHO:

    1) A very frequently played BGM, which is probably best remembered for ep.45, when Ami stayed behind and psyching herself up to face the D.D. Gals.

    2) A short piece from S, used when Mistress Nine was destroyed in ep.125...had been looking for this piece for the longest time.

    3) The sad sounding cello BGM, used when S.Saturn was talking to Sailormoon in ep.125.

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