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  • Meiou Setsuna/Sailor Pluto

      I am the mysterious Sailor Senshi, Sailor Pluto (セーラープルート). I appeared in Sailor Moon R, but not much is known about me, except that I am the guardian of the passage that allows one to travel through time.

    Small Lady calls me Puu (プー).

    Then in Sailor Moon S, my identity on earth as Meiou Setsuna (冥王せつな) was revealed.

    My birthday is October 29th. My sign is Scorpio, and my blood type is A.

    My favorite color is dark red. I like to go shopping. My favorite food is green tea, and my least favorite food is eggplant.

    When I was in school, my favorite subject was physics, and my least favorite subject was music.

    I cannot stand cockroaches.

    I am good at sewing, and my dream is to become a designer.

    The following is a list of the magical phrases and attacks that I use:

    Dead scream.

    Pluto planet power, make up.

    dark dome close.
    This is my forbidden attack, used to close the tunnel of time.

    I also use several magical items for the transformation and attacks.

    In the anime, my voice is done by Kawashima Chiyoko (川島千代子).

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